Sustainable Aftercare

We are passionate about circular fashion - preserving the life of your garments so they can be used for as long as possible before returning safely to the biosphere. You've invested in Fferal ethical clothing, how can you ensure your garments continue to have low impact on our planet? 

Tips for taking care of your Fferal cotton:
  • Always wash inside out 
  • If using detergent, go for a non-bio eco-friendly and PETA approved vegan option. We reccomend Ecover.
  • Add a little softener to your wash
  • "If it's not dirty, wash at 30". Many detergents now work effectively at these cooler temperatures so don’t use a hot wash unless really necessary
  • Line dry then lightly steam iron
  • If your clothes are worn once, try airing them on a hanger rather than washing. Less energy, and less wear and tear


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