Our Fabrics

Why We Use Cotton

Cotton is used by nearly every day by nearly every single person on the planet. It is a renewable natural resource, it biodegrades and is comfortable to wear. But the growing demand has led to some disasters in drought ridden countries.  Even with the negative aspects of cotton it is still one of the best fibres. It is a worldly grown crop and around 250 million people’s livelihoods are dependent on it in the production stages alone. Of these people, many are in the world’s poorest areas and growing cotton is a large part of their economy.

Our cotton comes from India, who have been producing cotton for thousands of years. It is considered the second most developed sector in the textile industry, and the second largest producer of cotton after  China. The farmers we use in India work closely together to grow cotton in a way that reduces the stress on the local environment and improves the livelihoods and welfare of their farming communities. They are working with NGOs to help reduce water stress and the amount of pesticides. The aim is to create the best practices for responsibly grown cotton and therefore enhance the rural farming communities’ control on their own product, social impact and environment. It is a more holistic approach to sustainable cotton production which covers environmental, social and economic.


Here at Fferal, we will never knowingly use cotton that is not responsibly or sustainably sourced.

Sustainable, Ethical, Organic Product