Wellbeing and Wellness

What are wellbeing needs with regards to fashion?

Our relationship with fashion is diminishing so is the need for more stuff. Have we finally reached “peak stuff”? 

A few decades ago fashion was the pinnacle of personal aspirations, creating trends to either improve self esteem, making us more powerful, successful, beautiful, worthy, without considering the cost to the environment or our bank accounts.

Now we want more meaningful inspiration, wellness is swallowing the fashion industry . At Fferal® we developed our products specifically for wellbeing, it’s not fashion, its well-designed, thoughtful loungewear and jersey wear. It's purpose is to make you feel good, relaxed while looking awesome. 

Wellbeing, in our opinion, is not just about the supplements you take or the make-up you wear, gym training or going to yoga retreats, we are about putting on fantastic sensory clothing when you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. After a workout or a working day, what better feeling than to come home and chuck on your Oak camo’sand Oak lounge top to instantly de-stress?

What is the meaning of wellbeing anyway?

It is a complicated debate for sure, can wellbeing be measured and if so, can we improve it?

For Fferal® wellbeing is our philosophy, we believe clothing plays a large part in this complex subject. We mean specifically designed, functional gender neutral clothes, not fashion. Comfort is the main contributor to our designs not just aesthetics, it’s about being your true self, whether you are a woman or a man.

We developed our adults ethical loungewear with as much consideration for the wearers needs, just as much as the environmental impact. For example the unisex Aspen lounge pant  is designed to fit snuggly around the ankle and loosely around the waist and thighs. The same goes for the Aspen top , made from the same fabric it hugs the body in a cosy way not a tight fitting skinny style.

Our sustainable fabrics are developed to maximise the softness of the cotton. Knitted in interlock it allows the fibres to fill out and create the ultimate soft, peached, hand feel. For the wearer there is an instant feeling of relaxation that envelopes you and makes you want to chill down, zone out and keep calm. Our adults loungewear and kids PJS are deliberately created to remove stress either at bedtime or just relaxing at home. 

Father and daughter totally chillin' in their Fferal® loungewear

Peace of Mind

Today we live hectic lives and it is important to take time for yourself. There are various ways we can do this, but not everything is accessible or affordable. So, wearing Fferal® as part of your wellness works physically and mentally. Physically, because it is the ultimate in comfort clothing and mentally, if you are conscious consumer you can have peace of mind with Fferal®.

We are 100% ethical company. We only work with suppliers who have a policy to care for the wellbeing of their workers. Most workers in the clothing industry are women, around ¾ are mothers, so it’s vital that the this industry takes care of its staff throughout the supply chain, something which we  support through the Clean Clothes Campaign

Wellbeing and Children

When we discuss Wellness or Wellbeing it’s normally centred around adults, but lately this has broadened and includes children, especially for bedtime routines. Sleep is critical for all of us and a night time, chill out is part of this process. All our kids’ unisex PJs are designed with their wellbeing in mind.

For example, our Maple pyjamas are made from the same sensory interlock fabric as the adults. The styling is cut to allow room around the waist but tapering down to the snug cuff. The baby and toddler sizes from 6 months up to 5yrs are all cut to accommodate cloth nappies. They are designed to be worn pre bedtime, as well as in bed, so young children understand the concept of winding down for a good night’s sleep. We offer long sleeve and short sleeve styles, like our Ash pyjamas so they can be worn whatever the season.

How hard is it getting PJs in the summer? As our climate changes we need access to all year-round clothing, especially for children.

Fferal® pyjamas, play, sleep, repeat

Another great feature of our product is not looking like obvious loungewear or pyjamas. So if you are in a hurry, especially in the mornings, to do school runs, or whatever, you don’t need to change your child or yourself, just go! You won't even feel like you are out in your PJs! Our graphic designer goes to the gym and rides his mountain bike in his Oak Bottoms they are that versatile!

Are Duvet Days Good for you?

We say yes and so does the research whatever we do in life, we all need time out! It’s part of our general wellbeing and wellness. Therefore, when we created our beautiful organic duvet sets we had this in mind. To be honest when you climb under our duvet sets you never want to get back out! You just want to hibernate; you feel that relaxed!

We spend a huge amount of our life in bed. If we assume the average night's sleep is eight hours, then we sleep for one third of our life. If you live to 75 years, that's 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days. Therefore, not only do we need to wear the right night time clothing, we also need the best bedding we can afford.

Our duvet sets are made from very fine organic cotton yarns. These are woven into a tight compact construction which gives a laundered touch. This creates a sensation of being cool in summer and warm in winter. It helps our wellbeing when we sleep properly. We need the right kit and environment for a good nights sleep. Our duvet sets are safe for toddlers and children to sleep under and are also good for anyone with sensitive skin.

Poplar Duvet Set in Scandi grey

These duvet sets are recyclable, they are 100% organic cotton and will biodegrade. They come with their own cloth bag so nice and easy to store. They are laundry friendly too, they dry really quickly and use less water for washing.

Wellness for life

All of us at Fferal® consider our own wellbeing and below are some of the things we do to keep that equilibrium:

  • Wear Fferal® clothing (obviously LOL)
  • Sleep under a Fferal® duvet set (obviously LOL)
  • Go for walks in local parks or woods, take a picnic
  • Eat healthier foods, lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Join any community activities, get kids involved too
  • Help your neighbour or volunteer for helping local charities
  • Go out with family and friends, have a laugh
  • Exercise as much as possible, but this could be just walking and taking the stairs instead of the lift or get your old push bike out!
  • We MTB ride regularly

Let us know what you do for your wellbeing by leaving us feedback?

Any tips you can share?

Whatever you do, look after yourself physically and mentally, keep calm and take a  Fferal® Duvet Day

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