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We developed Fferal as an antidote to fast fashion and cheap landfill clothing, which pollute our planet second to the oil industry. We offer product that is well designed, practical and comfortable and will biodegrade within months at the ultimate end of its life; offering people an option to buy goods that are made by workers who are paid well in safe working conditions and treated properly, as opposed to the poverty labour we find in mass-produced high street brands. That’s why we chose to source our product from Portugal, our manufacturers are ethical and environmentally aware so together we are aiming to change the way garment making works. For example; most garments are shipped in their own individual plastic bag and then into cartons. But we insist that our goods are shipped in 20pcs to one bag for tee shirts and our loungewear comes in one plastic lined carton, so we have already eliminated ¾ of the plastic in shipping. Our printers are GOTS approved so no toxic chemicals are used in the print process.

Why loungewear, t-shirts and bedding? As a mother I found it really difficult to find loungewear / nightwear or jersey wear that was not gender specific. Mainstream retailers only offered either sugary pink for girls and dinosaurs for boys. So, I set out on a mission to make Fferal non-gender specific, just unisex, so all kids and adults can wear whatever they like from cosy coral to  cool camo. And bedding, well we spend half of our life sleeping so it’s important to be comfortable and relaxed in bed, plus being able to choose an ethical option in organic cotton. All our product is made with both organic cotton and sustainably sourced cotton, it is super soft so really good for anyone with sensitive skin. Within our company we want to minimise our own impact on the environment, so all our goods are delivered to you in recycled mail bags. We deliberately do not use swing tags which are immediately thrown away, but instead send our items with a “thank you” post card which is recyclable. Our carbon foot print is low too as we are only coming from Europe as opposed to India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam or China. We only use electricity that is from renewable sources. We also donate 50p to the Association of British Beekeepers when you buy a #beesforlife tee shirt.

We design from the beginning to the end, so we consider what happens to our goods after their final use; the next stage of Fferal is about up-cycling and recycling your products, evolving into a circular economy so that the resource used to make your items are fed back into the textile life cycle. There will be many more blogs on this subject, so keep an eye on this page for more information. Fferal would not be possible without the input of so many fantastic children and adults who have helped to create a more caring clothing brand. We understand that not everyone can afford to buy organic and ethical products all the time, but we hope that when people have the choice, they will think about the positive benefits to the environment, to the people who are making their goods and to the waste produced by fast fashion. 


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