Top Pieces of Vegan Clothing for Autumn

As you may have noticed, veganism has risen exponentially in recent years within the UK. Statistics show that, whilst there were only half a million British vegans in 2016, there are as many as 3.5 million today! 

More and more people are beginning to join a movement of people who do not support any food industry products which harm or are derived from animals. However, how about the clothes we put on our backs? 

Vegan clothing is a growing industry as part of the wider branch of Ethical Fashion. Keep reading to discover the benefit of Vegan Clothing and the need-to-have pieces to revolutionise your wardrobe this Autumn. 

Animal Cruelty and Fashion

Throughout human history, animals have been used as a means of materials for the production of fabric and clothing. Nowadays, animals are commonly used as source materials for the likes of leather, silk, wool, cashmere and fur. 

There is no current data which outlines how many animals are killed per year to manufacture clothing in the fashion industry. Despite this, it is clear that billions of animals will be used in this process. In the manufacturing of these clothing materials, animals will be used in two major ways. 

Many animals will be slaughtered for their skin, for items such as leather, or other body parts, such as bone, in order to manufacture clothing and fashion accessories. Another way in which animals are used within the fashion industry is through being reared for their hair or coats (e.g. wool and fur). In this latter case, animals will usually be held in captivity and the material is taken periodically from the live animals.

The fashion industry does not just affect the wellbeing of these individual animals, but it also affects various surrounding species and habitats through its detrimental effect upon biodiversity.  

What Is Vegan Clothing?

As you may well know, veganism essentially boils down to living a lifestyle which does not cause pain, suffering or death to animals. A vegan lifestyle facilitates animals to live however they would like to live. 

To be vegan essentially means to live a lifestyle that respects other animals as equal beings whose lives have equal meaning. A vegan will not only not eat animal products, but they should also not wear or use animal products or partake in activities which exploit animals

Therefore, in terms of vegan clothing, these products will not have made with the hair, skins or feathers of any animals. This includes the likes of wool, fur, feathers, silk and leather. Vegan clothing will only consist of plant fabrics, such as cotton, hemp, and linen, or handmade materials, such as polyester and nylon.

In addition to being free of animal exploitation, vegan clothing is very often part of the ethical clothing and sustainable fashion movements. For example, secondhand (“vintage”) clothing has become far more popular alongside this as synthetic materials are increasingly being recycled.

Ethical clothing essentially boils down to companies within the fashion industry sourcing, designing and manufacturing clothes in a way that benefits communities and their surroundings. Companies who carry out these practices will do all that can be done to prevent environmental damage and harm to animals while simultaneously minimising any negative impact on the real people involved. Paying farmers fair wages and promoting good and safe working conditions are two of the ways in which this is done.

Ultimately, vegan clothing and ethical practice is invariably linked in a lot of ways, which is why so many items of vegan clothing will also fall under that of ethical and sustainable. For example, supporting cotton production over cheaper artificial alternatives is a primary way in which consumers and retailers alike can promote social good. Cotton is a natural substance which is grown all around the world and an estimated 250 million people worldwide depend on the cotton production industry for their livelihood. 

In the beginning, sustainable fashion and ethical clothing began as an anti-high street fashion movement of sorts. However, many big companies and fashion labels are now wising up to the fact that producing unethical clothing and exhibiting an unsustainable fashion practice is bad for business. Therefore, there has been an unignorable surge in even the likes of major high street brands having to bow to the wants of the 2019 consumer. These growing wants, duelled with the exponential growth of veganism, make vegan clothing a huge player within the fashion industry.

As time goes on, the choice and availability of vegan clothing is getting bigger and better. Hemp and linen, for example, have seen a resurgence as versatile, durable and high-quality fabrics. So what are you waiting for? Revamp your wardrobe with the right vegan products today

The Vegan Clothing You Need this Autumn

Summer 2019 has come to an end - who can believe it? Well, the change in seasons at least gives you a great chance to diversify your wardrobe with some fresh, consciously produced, expertly designed vegan clothing. T

The following products are all ethically produced from 100% natural and sustainable sources, as well as being vegan-friendly. Here is the top piece of vegan clothing you need this autumn: 


A highly versatile lounge pant made ethically in Portugal from 100% cotton. This versatile is made for straightforward comfort. Whether chilling around the house or nipping out for a coffee, these super soft bottoms guarantee instant comfort with no irritating labels for sensitive skin. 


Our Rowan T-shirts are crafted from 100% sustainable slub cotton yarn. The slightly brushed white finish make these a perfect wardrobe staple for both casual and smarter occasions.  


It isn’t just standard vegan clothing available with Fferal but accessories too! Super soft comfy and versatile, keep your neck warm in style with this 100% combed cotton ethical neck snood. 


Achieve maximum comfort in an instant with this ethically produced lounge top, sustainably sourced from 100% cotton. The yellow coverseam highlights make this navy tee a great colourway addition for your wardrobe. 

Support Vegan Clothing with Fferal

As you can see, Fferal promotes vegan clothing products which are also ethical and promote sustainable practice.

We are on a mission to support the sustainable fashion movement by bringing quality vegan products to the ethical clothing market. A key way in which we carry out this objective is to create ethical clothing products which reduce the environmental impact of textile waste whilst creating high quality garments in the process.

All our products are vegan-friendly and produced ethically, ensuring the workers receive a fair wage for the production of the clothing. We have a range of sustainable clothing for adults and ethical clothing for children. We also allow your home to be sustainable too with ethical bedding. 

Support sustainable fashion today or get in contact for any enquiries.

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