Sensory Friendly Clothing For Babies, Children & Adults

Sensory friendly clothing

Do itchy fabrics, bulky seams, fastenings or care labels keep you or your child up at night? 

You’re not alone. I've often cut labels out of clothes, and sometimes even sanded rough seams down with a nail file too. And children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder can find these seemingly small irritants deeply frustrating. For example, a clothing tag that is slightly noticeable to one person can be overwhelming for someone with sensory issues. And itchy wool or heavy denim are often a no-go too. 

Eczema and other skin conditions can also be aggravated by the wrong fabric. The National Eczema Society recommends wearing cotton, preferably 100%. “Cotton is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable and allows the skin to ‘breathe’.” 

My journey to creating sensory friendly clothing

Sensory friendly clothing

Becoming a mother to a child with Down Syndrome, Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder was pivotal to me launching Fferal Clothing. I had a new sense of urgency in helping to protect the planet that I’ll leave behind for my daughter Fran. But as well as the sustainability factor, I wanted to create unisex loungewear that is kind to people with sensory issues. Like many neuro diverse people, Fran becomes anxious and upset by uncomfortable textures on her skin. It’s crucial for her well-being that her loungewear is made from breathable cotton, has soft seams, and no irritating labels. The right clothing also affects the whole household - it’s a huge battle attempting to get Fran to wear clothing that doesn’t feel good, so to avoid having to tackle a clothing conflict every morning, I make sure her clothes are sensory friendly. Read more about Fferal's story.


What makes our clothing & bedding so kind to skin & senses? 

Here's a breakdown of everything that makes Fferal loungewear comfortable and sensory friendly.



100% combed cotton 

Our loungewear, t-shirts and bedding are all pure cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre, non irritating, breathable and hypoallergenic. Our fabric has also been knitted in interlock for stretch and recovery.

Soft seams

Nobody wants rough, bulky seams in their loungewear, so ours are flat and overlocked. Our lounge pants and t-shirts slide on like silk.

No labels 

Flappy care labels are so 90s. We print ours directly onto the garments in OEKO-TEX® safe ink. And our guidance to help your clothes last longer comes on a separate recycled postcard.

Sensory friendly clothing

Deep ribbed cuffs 

This is a feature on all of our lounge pants - babies, children and adults. The ankle cuffs keep drafts out for extra snuggle factor.

Roomy hips and a low crotch 

I don’t know anyone who likes having a muffin top or "wedgy" when they’re winding down in their loungewear, so all of our adult lounge pants are designed with room to move.

Lounge pants designed to fit over cloth nappies

Our unisex babies lounge pants look super cute, and function well too. They are cut with enough room at the bum to allow space for cloth nappies. Super soft and comfortable for babies on the move.

No nasty chemicals

Our garments are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Every component of the clothing has been tested for harmful substances so we can be sure the clothes are kind, right down to the thread. See more about our fabric.

And we make sensory friendly bedding too!

Our beautiful Scandinavian style duvet sets are 100% organic cotton, with a fine weave polished finish for an extra soft touch. We used fabric ties for the openings - no annoying plastic fastenings.

Sensory friendly PJs and bedding

What did our customer's say about our sensory friendly clothing and bedding?

In the testing stage, we had great feedback on our loungewear’s comfort factor. Our customers continue to let us know that our clothes are sensory friendly as well as kind on skin conditions including eczema and acne.


"Our son is autistic and struggles with fabrics, we never buy him clothes online as he needs to feel them before to make sure they are comfortable. With lockdown we just went for it with Fferal PJs for him. When he put them on he had a massive smile "I like the feel of them mum!". We all got a pair and have all said how soft they are!”
Abbie Stocker, her families matching loungewear sets (Facebook)

"Great quality bedding! I love this bedding because it’s extremely soft and great for my sensitive skin. I’ve had it for over a year and it’s still in great quality, there’s no fading at all it’s like brand new. I have several bedding sets and this is by far my favourite, definitely recommend."
Ella, grey organic cotton duvet set (on the store)

"I have finally found Pyjamas that Bella does not moan about... Genuinely any seams, tags, cotton threads, decals, prints, glitter... Anything that is or potentially could become "scratchy" is bringer of pre-teen angst in this household. These Pyjamas have NONE of those features. And for a girl who enjoys nighties only (seriously, she refuses to wear trousers and tights even!) it's really enjoyable to see her all cuddled up in this beautiful long bottomed sleepwear." Steff, children's PJ set (Instagram)

"They are cosy and comfortable and very soft to wear. When you’ve got them they feel magic!" Elsie, aged 8, camo PJ set (on the store)

"So so soft" Laura MacRae, adult and babies loungewear sets (Instagram)

"I can honestly say the material is so soft & so cute these will be my favourite pj's" The Donovans, babies dotty PJ set (Instagram)

"Comfortable, warm, soft, durable, versatile." Rob, grey lounge pants (on the store)

"The sustainably-sourced cotton is soft, thick & warm." Juno Magazine, Lounge pants

"Lovely soft material" Rebecca Sarah, loungewear (Facebook)

Fancy investing in some Fferal loungewear? You can currently buy two and get 15% off, on children's sensory friendly PJ sets






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