Easy Upcycled T-Shirt Macrame Plant Hanger

Where do worn-out t-shirts go when they're just too well-loved to reuse? Unfortunately in the UK around 336,000 tonnes of our unwanted clothing gets thrown away every year. If it's too past it to fix, old clothing can be taken to a textiles recycling bank. It may be made into new items such as padding for chairs and car seats. Or, we can upcycle the fabric ourselves. Cue our macrame t-shirt plant hanger tutorial...

I used a Fferal t-shirt that had been VERY well utilized by my sweaty, outdoorsy, mountain-biking husband for the last 3 years. The t-shirt was made from 100% cotton so it will fully biodegrade BUT there was still enough life in the fabric for a repurpose. The process takes about 20 minutes. Ready, set, go!

1. Take your worn-out t-shirt, lay it flat

2. Start by cutting off the hem and sleeves

3. Next, cut both top shoulder seams and one side seam

4. Open out the t-shirt then cut 8 strips, all 1.5” wide. (No need to be too precise!)

5. Put all 8 strips together and pull tightly so they roll

6. Tie all 8 pieces together

7. Separate the strips into pairs, then tie a knot 2 inches from the top knot in each pair

8. Separate again and tie a knot 2 inches further down, then repeat this, creating a diamond pattern

9. Pull tightly and then tie a knot at the end

Voila, you have an upcycled t-shirt macrame hanging planter! Add your plant and enjoy...

Read about the Fferal Movement. 

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