9 Things To Pack For Wild Camping With Kids

Camping with kids

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Camping with kids. Three words that could be your utopia, or your idea of torture. If it's the latter, it's even more vital that you read on and discover what to pack to make the experience of sleeping under the stars a much more enjoyable one.

Why go wild?

The benefits of camping with children are profound. Boosting confidence and self-reliance whilst overcoming the challenges of being out in nature. Less screen time and more joy to be found in plants and birds. Existing more simply and experiencing how our ancestors would have lived before us. And perhaps most importantly, learning new engineering skills as you build your camp together.

So how can you travel light, but keep happy campers? Here are our wild parenting tips, with pictures from some of our favourite parents on the Gram...


1. Foraging kit

Camping with kids

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Camping trips are a great opportunity to forage. See what's in season around you with a good foraging book like Foraging With Kids book. Invest in some pocket secateurs and gardening gloves to avoid any tears handling nettles or brambles. The mini foragers will feel truly accomplished when their finds can contribute to lunch.


2. Day to night loungewear

Camping with kids

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Know how you can make it really really relaxing holiday? Dress the kids in comfortable clothes that they can wear all day and night. No getting changed dramas. Our sensory friendly cotton loungewear sets are perfect for a snuggly sleep, followed by a day filled with outdoorsy fun. Just pop them in a fresh set of loungewear before bed, and they'll be ready for action as soon as they jump out of the tent or camper in the morning.


3. Outdoor toys

Hopefully your little tribe will be keen to explore nature's playground, but some carefully selected toys can help fill the gaps. You don't want to overload your camping luggage so choose toys that will be more than a 5 minute wonder. See some of our favourite outdoor toys for longevity below...

Camping with kids

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Top outdoor toys for camping:

  • Skittles
  • Frisbee
  • Giant bubble wand
  • Den kit
  • Swingball tennis
  • A trusty old football

Rainy day toys are vital too, and even when inside your toy selections can be a nice way to help the family to reconnect with nature. Kew Gardens have created a card game called Tree Families, based on the rules of Happy Families. It's fun, competitive, and helps players to identify different species of trees. 


4. Hot chocolate

Camping with kids

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A cup of hot chocolate is a great way to regroup after a wild day in nature. It's also a quick way to warm up your crew, or give them some much needed sweetness after a day of climbing trees. Look for instant hot chocolate powder so you only need to heat up water to create your drinks. Also, assigning one cup to each family member is a handy way to avoid washing up too regularly.

5. Proper bedding

Camping with kids

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One way to bring home comforts to the camping experience is to bring the duvets with you. How many times have your little people woken up after wriggling out of sleeping bags in the middle of the night, or catching hair on a zip? Plus it's much easier to give them a bedtime cuddle under a duvet. Our lightweight organic cotton duvet sets are the way forward for comfort at home and in the wild.

6. Wellies & waterproofs

Camping with kids

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Because you just never know when the rain might make an appearance!

Soggy kids aren't fun, and neither are parents nagging their children to stay out of the mud. Wellington boots are a must have to keep young and old happy.

7. Easy snacks that don't need refrigerating

Camping with kids

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There's not a lot worse than opening up your not-so-cool bag on a camping trip to a pile of fermented bananas and warm hummus. Keep it easy and low preparation with some of these handy snacks.

  • Dried fruit
  • Flapjack
  • Fruit that doesn't bruise easily, eg: apples and satsumas
  • Crisps
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Cereal bars
  • Pitta bread 
  • Vegan marshmallows (for toasting on the camp fire)


8. Camp fire equipment

I've lost count of the amount of times we've not quite had all we need for a camp fire, so these days I come well prepared. The fire is my highlight of the evening on camping trips, and foraging for extra firewood is a fun activity to for kids to carry out. Sitting in a circle sharing songs, jokes or anecdotes from the day, and working as a team to keep the fire burning. Bring old newspaper, kindling and some wood on your trip. And don't forget a lighter, unless you're ready to really impress the kids with a good flint fire starter. Fires can harm the ground beneath so invest in a portable camp fire.

9. Furry friends 

Camping with kids

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Dogs can really enhance a camping trip and provide a great source of fun. They are typically in their element out in the wild and can inspire children to explore nature. They also provide a best buddy for an only child. 


Do you have any tips on what to pack for camping with kids? Let us know in the comments below!


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