The Fferal Movement | Vegan Clothing | Fferal
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The Fferal Movement

About Us

Fferal evolved from the ethos of creating products on a slow fashion basis to help reduce the environmental impact of textile waste.
We encourage recycling and up-cycling as much as possible.
We do not use labels, swinger tags or plastic bags.
We are a vegan company that never knowingly uses animal derivatives.

Our Manifesto

  • To only use materials that are either organic, recycled or sustainably sourced.
  • To reduce all the plastic waste within the making and shipping of our goods.
  • To offer product that is made ethically by people who earn a living wage.
  • For our brand to be loved for its comfort, style and ethos.
  • To offer advice on how to preserve the life of your products and then recycle or up cycle them so they do not go to land fill.


The future is ethical!



kid using fern leaves as a mask
Sustainable, Ethical, Organic Product
family wearing ethical clothing